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Label Software

1. Easy and convenient
SoftRIP has all necessary functions even though it is simple. The digital tool kit our company provides is a key component necessary for preparing the image swiftly for effective printing. You can carry out work such as adjusting size, cutting and checking the color gamut without the exiting initial screen. In Soft RIP, you can also prepare work so as to print individually or as part of a layout. In layout, the image is aligned by the function of automated smart nesting and all works are traced by the manager of master Q. using RIP makes the work very convenient.
2. Excellent Color
RIP supports excellent color regeneration with a perfect gradient by using 16 bit color rendering and the exclusive Precision Stochastic Screen half-tone method. Even beginners can compose imaging easily by the plug & play method, using RIP which provides all the necessary specialized tools. One can also minimize very complicated color work flow.
3. Realize optimized work flow
SoftRIP provides a workflow with perfect control is regardless of size and complexity in the of production environment and it can manage any kind of printing environment, from a single printer to a multiply-equipped & complicated production factory.
4. Time and cost saving
SoftRIP is activated promptly by short time and medium. Most of RIP to be provided together with inkjet printer has only basic function which is necessary for activating printer. Only high-quality RIP, like SoftRIP, provides tools which can save a lot of cost for a long time.
5. Easiest RIP
SoftRIP provides all the necessary tools. You can prepare an image for print by using the digital tool kit and manage the production procedure in simple workflow. Productivity is improved because fast interlacing tap maintains work in the initial screen. Using SoftRIP, you can complete the printer setup very simply. Select the printer, profile and the physical connection. You can complete preparation of RIP in less than one minute.
6. Smart nesting by which cost saving is possible
Using SoftRIP smart nesting, you can generate an effective layout, depending on whether you prepare the image in a direct layout window or you maintain single work and the image is aligned later. You may print material as you like while saving medium, in a method that the ripped file is combined with new work and already rotated. Medium is saved due to exact cutting most medium and the very convenient cutting function decreases cutting time. You can properly adjust medium and time by means of innovative rotation-cutting layout.
7. More definite control by less work
SoftRIP can easily control your printing environment. If using manager of master Q, you can control, printing conditions of all work in real time. You can check the processing state and move work between the printing units by the method of drag & drop, and you can transmit images to the layout area. Also, if using manager of Q, you don’t need to waste time in order to learn how to use it.
8. Strength beyond RIP station
If using RIP ImageNET, any PC, Mac, iPad or UNIX workstation in a network can be interfaced easily and promptly with RIP. Any user connected to the network can send work to RIP by printing through direct or drag & drop work in the graphic application program. Also, if using RIP ImageNET together with a general web browser, you can check work conditions, manage Q and execute the automatic file preparation function (magnification adjustment, mirroring, rotation etc.).
9. Make color clearly
If using SoftRIP, ICC color can be changed with great facility. You can handle complicated work easily, such as profiles, half tones and corrections because the master color change screen shows exactly how color is changed to that of printed page from the file. When changing color, you can use a specialized color tool of SoftRIP easily. When changing selected contents, the effect is shown in a dialog-type flow chart which affects the overall color process.
10. More definite grasp before printing
If using advanced gamut management tool, you can reduce toner and media waste by knowing customer’s expectation in advance. Simply click color, execute 3D profile viewer and check color drawn in usable gamut of output device and selected medium. Using this tool, you can consult your customer about color issues and select a profile which has the characteristic of the required gamut.
11. Better quality and faster speed
SoftRIP generates perfect gradients without problems of stair-stepping. RIP provides a 16-bit color pipeline and Precision Stochastic Screens (PSS), half-tone method for the first time in this business and is the front runner of RIP which generates excellent image quality. Also, this is much faster than other RIP methods because PSS is based on effective algorism which is developed autonomously.
12. Instant color match
Using SoftRIP, you can get excellent spot color function as well as, make a data base in which frequently-used spot colors are collected by using RGB, CMYK or L*A*B*, or reading color sample automatically via a portable colorimeter. If using a color atlas generator which is an optional item, you can determine colors perfectly matching the required medium whenever you want by upgrading the color match.
13. Tool suitable for professionalism at all levels
SoftRIP is a product that works easily win sophisticated functions that are combined in perfect harmony. You can learn how to use this product within several minutes even though you are using it for the first time. A printing specialist using innovative tools can quickly generate complex work and color workflow while obtaining high-quality output. SoftRIP will deliver business success to you regardless of the demands of your applications.
14. Strong printing function for variable data
When using SoftRIP, printing variable data is possible. You can use it easily by working in tandem with excel data. Text, numbering, barcode as well as varying imaging is possible. You can print data quickly an demand-even with changes every time. Also, this product is more competitive by providing a printing function for variable data which simply cannot be printed by any analogue printing device.
15. Easy calculation of unit price of consumables
SoftRIP provides a function to calculate the unit price of consumables. When an image is brought up, it calculates the unit price of consumables (toner, drum, belt and fuser) per page by measuring the coverage in RIP, and also calculates the unit price of consumables based on the total printed quantity. Therefore, the user can draw the unit price of the printed material easily and exactly.